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Democratization of information

Democratization of information in a project means providing any information of the project at one or maximum 2 clicks without opening word document, slides, databases etc. I am sharing an incident where usual ways of configuration management were used by project team.

I was sitting in an internal review meeting of EPC client. During the meeting, the team members referred to a clause in the contract, design specification document given by the customer, internal site documents about progress, the international standard, and many more reference documents.

When a question was asked to a team member, he or she had to go to a common storage portal or to his or her shared drive. There they had stored a word document and, also took time to open as the size of the document was big.

So instead of a review meeting, the meeting took the form of an internal alignment meeting where available information was getting shared and discussed. I found this to be a wasteful activity. After the meeting, I spent time with some of the team members and realized the true reason for not reading the documents in totality. Since the information is too much, and team members after finishing college have lost the habit of reading/studying, hence they pick up whatever is essential for their work and move on.

The solution to such a problem is the democratization of the flood of information. This means to bring out the information in the form of tables or statistical parameters from the slavery of word document into simple to handle web portals with categorized links. In this way, we can make the flow of information simple for team members. This will ensure that everyone in the team refers same information anywhere & anytime. Also browsing the information through tables and statistical parameters do not take much time on an HTML page.

We at Sigma Enhancement Consultancy provide services for the democratization of project information for firms.

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