After having a few discussions with the client a project proposal will be submitted stating following:

a) Situation appraisal 
b) Objectives 
c) Metrics for success of project 
d) Value to business from project 
e) methodology and different options for achieving objective (strategic, tactical and operational)   
f) timing of completion of project 
g) Joint accountability 
h) Terms and conditions 
i) section for acceptance of project by both sides 

The Terms and conditions section is stated below in general terms.

Payment for different options offered

  • Option-1 Operational Rs xxxx
  • Option-2 Tactical Rs xxxx
  • Option-3 Strategic Rs xxxx

Note: each option has 3-5 milestones

Terms of payment

  1. Mobilization amount before starting the project (10% of the total payment for the project)
  2. The remaining payment is based on milestone completion. The mobilization payment is adjusted from each milestone. The schedule for the same will be provided as follows :
  • Milestone:1 Payment due Rs xxxxx
  • Milestone:2 Payment due Rs xxxxx
  • Milestone:3 Payment due Rs xxxxx

Expense Reimbursements

We charge expenses as actually accrued and bill at the conclusion of each month. Payment is due upon presentation of our invoice. We charge for reasonable travel, living, and related expenses. We do not charge for administrative support, courier, postage, phone, and so forth.

Cancellation & termination of project after acceptance

This project is noncancelable for any reason. You may postpone and reschedule with our approval without penalty so long as you maintain the existing payment schedule. The quality of our work is guaranteed, and if our work is not consistent with the quality expressed in the accountability section, we will refund your full fee.